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Euroflex S.p.A. specializes in manufacturing of steel products. The company is one of the most successful among the national leaders of the field.

Founded in 1967, it was collocated in a strategic position, near to the most important motorway junctions and Salerno port.

Our constant commitment over several years of activity, together with a development-oriented policy, allowed the company to offer a range of versatile solutions in the production of tubes, open profiles, strips, plane and corrugated plates for several uses.

Our approach is based on the concept of versatile steel industry

We create the best conditions to produce what the customer really needs, with specific productions and paying particular attention to the quality of our products.


We don’t simply fold the steel, we make it suitable to our customers needs.


A quality product can’t prescind from the rules in force and each certification we have, shows our involvement in guaranteeing the highest effectiveness and efficiency.


We constantly look to improvement and to reach new goals.


Our priority is to create the right work conditions.


Company Philosophy

Company Values