In November 2015 Euroflex SpA was selected among others Italian companies  to be included in the prestigious  Elite program, a platform of the “Borsa Italiana”, the Italian stock market, supporting a qualified list of companies  in their organizational and executive development in  financial market.

Elite program has access to advice from various enterprises, institutions and Italian universities such as the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Confindustria, Abi, Bocconi University and London Stock Exchange Group Academy.

This important program  leads the companies to achieve goals in their efficiency, management and transparency and to be all on the same level  as  the listed companies.  Taking part in Elite program, Euroflex SpA will be given the possibility to evolve its organizational model aiming towards the  internationalization and access to the stock markets.

Moreover,  being among the companies of Elite program represents an additional opportunity to improve  both the internal structure and company performance , thus leading to a major level of competition on target markets.