For more than half a century, Euroflex Spa  has built a structure of values and ethical principles implementing  the productive, human and social  growth.

Nowadays society, lifestyles and  market are going through an increasing growth. As a result, in order to compete in these new scenarios , a modern  business management, based on the idea of a constant and radical improvement of its cultural, intellective, managerial and operative  dimension, is required by Euroflex SpA.

The competitive levers are:

  • LEVEL OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION as a result of business processes aimed to maximize quality, safety, the product life cycle and  related services.
  • COMPLIANCE WITH THE ETHICAL BEHAVIOUR through which Euroflex takes into account the respect  of  human life and the rights of present and future generations  in relation to each and every person, working in the production chain, from suppliers to customers.
  • PROMOTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF  A FAIR COMPETITION concerning both its own  interest and the interest of market  operators, customers and stakeholders.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES SATISFACTION reached by  an organizational environment based on relationships of mutual respect of the staff.  As a consequence, each and every individual will be motivated and involved in the acquisition of new skills and will be able to have a vision of the future in a dynamic  and emotionally rewarding work environment.
  • TEAM  SPIRIT  as a cultural basis and work method producing synergies, intelligences and opportunities where “one wins  only if everyone wins”
  • CAPABILITY OF CREATING SINERGIES through the development of basic research aimed to promote excellence and innovation with the participation of external individuals such as institutions, Universities, organizations and Institutes for Research.
  • WORK ENVIRONMENT SATISFACTION as a result of a company view aimed to maintain balance among all  environmental and safety factors and to think of the community and the employees as “customers” to satisfy before any other priorities.  In addition, Euroflex is in compliance with laws, regulations and rules.
  • COMMITMENT in the respect and in the application of the law and the Safety and Environment agreements, together with an efficient implementation of the Accident prevention and the occupational disease systems,  plus  the progressive improvement of health and safety conditions through the detection of “improvement areas” and  taking into account accidents, near-miss injuries and dangerous behaviours.
  • PROPERTY SATISFACTION as a result of an organization capable of combining quality, environment and safety with return and profitability at the highest levels of investment as both  human and technological resources .

The staff behaviour is  inspired by, and coherent with ethical principles representing an essential condition of  the company personnel’s  daily life and taking into consideration the following ethical values:

    In each and every internal and external relation the staff has to engage in an honest and ethical  behaviour and without pursuing  any personal and/or company goals.
    Fairness involves the respect of the rights and duties  with regard to privacy and  protection of the individual. Moreover, conditions of discrimination and situations where there could be conflicts of interest must be avoided.
    In order to achieve the company mission, the internal and external staff puts in place a behaviour which must be oriented to the ethics of responsibility.  The essential principles of the company are the observance of the current  laws and regulations and the respect of the democratic order set up  in Italy and in the other countries where Euroflex works.
    In Euroflex, any discrimination based on race, sex, nationality, religion, language, union  and politics is forbidden,  when it comes to the recruitment, remuneration and assignment of tasks.
    The principle of transparency in the field of  both business and legal and voluntary regulatory compliance is based on truthfulness, wholeness and accuracy of information circulating both inside and outside the organization.
    In any field of work activity,  efficacy standards must be pursued at the same time to ensure the quality of  offered  work/service and efficiency to guarantee goals of cost effectiveness. Each and every internal and external member of the organization must give professional commitment and rigour in order to offer an excellent performance   related to his personal skills.
    All the internal and external personnel must direct their conduct, according to their skills and responsibilities, to the pursuit of the mission and of the business objectives, with the aim of providing a service useful to the community, and compatible with the ecosystem and in a view to enhancing innovation of  company processes.
    Company performs its competitive action taking into consideration  its competitors as a stimulating factor to get involved and improve  innovation, by adopting principles of fairness  and true competition towards all the market players.
    The company is aware of its social role and of each and every environmental factor  interacting with its activity in the context and in the community. In each and every aspect of business and/or innovation, the Company considers, as a matter of priority and strategy, the opportunities, effects and repercussions so as to maximise  the social value of  the community and environmental juxtaposition in terms of sustainability.
    Performing its activities, the  Company puts in place all those actions for the protection of the moral and physical integrity of  both the internal and external staff who work in the Company.
    The management process is oriented to promote actions and responsible and safety behaviours and to implement safety and prevention measures, provided by the technological development, by organizational improvements and by adopting the best procedures.