Manuel is only three months old and he has certainly been the youngest to participate in the “2019 Edition of children in office”, an event which brings families to work and which the Italian newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera/L’economia”  promotes throughout  Italy.

Euroflex , a company situated in Salerno where Stefania, Manuel’s mother, works as a sales executive, has decided to participate for the first time in the Family Day event. This day has been organized to let children know where their parents work and spend most of their day together. Manuel has been one of the 30 children of the company staff to take part in this event. It is the first time that Euroflex, a company which has been  specialising  in the transformation of coils into tubes, open profiles, sheets and strips for more than 50 years, has welcomed these young children.

“Children in office” showed children around the offices and  operational departments. They had the possibility to learn how a tube is manufactured and to visit the place where their parents work.

The event took place 25th may 2019 today and the children were entertained  with inflatable games to make the day more interesting. Moreover, the little ones drew some pictures of the work place they visited.

“As a father of two teenagers, I understand how difficult it is to balance working hours with  family life, said the President of Euroflex SpA, Mauro Maccauro, and “I believe that it is fair to create the opportunity to balance these aspects, mostly because the new technologies and communication tools are expanding the generation gap and family talk time together is now rare”.

Even in the past, Euroflex SpA organised events which focused their attention on the new generations. The Company, also, participated in sport and charity events.  Additionally, Euroflex SpA is one of the companies in Mercato San Severino (SA) that contributed to the realization of  a public playground thanks to the help of private sponsors  and to the renovation of the parish in Sant’Angelo, Mercato San Severino (SA).


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